June 28, 2002


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June 27, 2002

Red Mountain Freeway - Good news?

The Red Mountain Freeway (Loop 202) is moving closer to Red Mountain Ranch. In January, 2002, a new section opened allowing access from Gilbert Road about six miles from Red Mountain Ranch. This fall, it is scheduled to extend to Higley Road only a mile away. See the map and story

Is this good for you? The freeway promises to shorter morning commutes to central Phoenix, as well as many other areas. Dinner in Scottsdale will be a shorter trip as will airport access. But with these benefits comes more local traffic.

Does better freeway access mean an easier commute for you?

Is your interest in living at Red Mountain Ranch more or less with the freeway coming to witin a mile of Red Mountain Ranch this fall?

Does more local traffic worry you?

What do you think this will mean to real estate values?

Will the area see more commerical development? Is that good for you?

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June 26, 2002

New Ownership for Red Mountain Ranch Country Club

As many local residents know, Red Mountain Ranch Country Club was sold by National Golf Properties ( an affiliate of American Golf) to local Mesa business man Shelby Fulch. Mr. Fulch has been active in many areas of the golf industry. His company, Scottsdale Golf Group owns Painted Mountain Golf Course among several golf properties.

What do you think? Will this be good for members of Red Mountain Ranch Country Club. Will it be good for you?

While the new ownership has been in place only a few weeks, there has been a report of planned improvements to the Club facilities.

Hours for club facilities have been changed. For example, the Fitness Center now closes at 7:30 PM (M-Thur), 6:30 PM (Friday) and 1 PM (Sat-Sun). It opens at 7 AM Saturday and Sunday.

What do you think?

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